Donation for Life

With over 6 million registered donors, DKMS is the largest network of stem cell donor databases in the world. We currently have employees in five locations – Germany, USA, Poland, UK, and Spain – who are working every day towards winning the fight against blood cancer, and who are succeeding more and more often. An additional focus of our work includes research and science in the area of stem cell donation and transplantation. Here you’ll find the most important information regarding the work that DKMS does.
The 10th anniversary of the "SR 24h de la Sarthe" is dedicated to the charitable help. The community wants to help this organization. with money and hopefully some of you will become donors. Already in 2009, we have worked with DKMS. At that time, more than 800 euros were collected. We will tell you all further informations in the next briefings and in our forum. We believe that it is a great thing when Simracer from around the world are trying to help sick people.

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